Kaffir Lime Infused Gin & Tonic

Kaffir Gin and Tonic from Rosemarried

When it comes to cocktails, I’m a gin & tonic kind of gal. The G&T has been my standard drink order for years, and I never seem to tire of it. The gin & tonic is, in my opinion, the perfect cocktail. (And then there was that one time I made gin & tonic Jell-o shots…)

And for the longest time, I didn’t think there was any way to improve upon the gin and tonic. It is the perfect cocktail, after all. And then I added a handful of Kaffir lime leaves to a cheap bottle of gin, and I fell in love with a whole new kind of gin and tonic.

There’s no need to complicate matters by writing a real recipe for this cocktail. All you need is a few Kaffir lime leaves (which you can find in Asian supermarkets or New Seasons Markets in Portland) and a cheap(ish) bottle of gin. I placed a handful (5 or 6) lime leaves into a mason jar and poured the gin over the leaves, and let sit in a cool, dark place for a few days. Once the gin has a slight green hue and smells of Kaffir lime (4 or 5 days), then you know it’s ready.

When it comes time to consume the infused gin, simply mix it with your favorite tonic water and garnish the beverage with a lime wedge. (I’m personally a fan of Fentiman’s or Q Tonic Water.)

It’s really as simple as that.

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  1. Yum, yes, I am also a G&T girl. Recently, though, I had a keffir lime collins, which was pretty amazing.

    • lindsay says:

      Oh, a kaffir lime collins sounds absolutely lovely. I think I’ll have that try that next. :) I hope you’re well, Sarah!

  2. Maria Tadic says:

    This is such a fun recipe. I saw something similar to this, but it was with vodka and flavored with roasted butternut squash. Crazy! But these would make really unique father’s day presents!

  3. Oh my goodness, what an utterly simple yet completely magical idea. I can’t wait to give this a whirl!

    I love gin and tonics… mostly in the summer, when I can sip on them and feel completely refreshed, no matter what the temperature. I’ll definitely be adding this lovely step to my cocktails…

  4. Jenni says:

    Oh my… I love Gin & Tonic, but this looks like it takes it up a notch. I’ve infused vodkas before, but not gin. Can’t wait to try it!

  5. Kathy Kendall says:

    According to Wikianswers about the phrase “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed:
    “Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed comes direct and intact from the classic Fox Hunt. A fox with dull or cloudy eyes or a limp, listless ungroomed tail is one in poor health and will not provide a good active challenging chase over a long course.”

    • lindsay says:

      I love it, Kathy! I had no idea that bright eyed and bushy tailed is from fox hunting! And now I know. Hope all is well in Big Bear. Miss you guys!

  6. b. says:

    sounds delish! i only have dried kaffir lime leaves on hand, would that work or should they be fresh?

  7. Phill says:

    A squeeze of a (very small) wedge of kefir lime also will do wonders to your g&t. As will adding lemongrass puree or perhaps infusing with lemongrass. Q-tonic is a nice tonic, however to me it tastes like fevertree with soda water added. I would try with 1724 tonic if you can find it…. Oth

  8. Phill says:

    Otherwise fevertree and their flavours (mediteranian with rosemary) are excellent.

  9. Scott says:

    A gin and tonic, though delicious, is a mixed drink, not a cocktail.

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