Friday Favorites: May 23, 2014

Peaches + Panna Cotta | Rosemarried

It’s been awhile, my pretties. I’ve got a few great recipes that I plan on sharing with you in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll just leave you with a list of favorites. Happy Friday, y’all. Have a great holiday weekend! FRIDAY FAVORITES, MAY 23, 2014 *My dad. Yesterday, my dad turned 60. As I think about becoming a… Read More »

Kale and Quinoa Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Kale + Quinoa Tahini Salad |

Oh, vegetables. I used to love you. Then, I got pregnant and everything changed. I no longer wanted vegetables. All I wanted to eat was chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese sandwiches. However, a girl can’t live on chocolate chip cookies and grilled cheese alone. (I mean, technically, I could. But I shouldn’t.) I’ve had to practically force myself to… Read More »

Roast Vegetable ‘Stacked’ Enchiladas

roast vegetable enchiladas |

This recipe isn’t anything new or life-changing. It’s isn’t particularly pretty or Pinterest-y. It’s a casserole, for crying out loud. (You could even venture to say this is something akin to a ‘Mexican lasagne’.) But you know what? All of that aside, these vegetable enchiladas are really stinkin’ delicious. This dish has been a staple in my household for years,… Read More »

Rhubarb Coffee Cake

rhubarb coffee cake |

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock for a few months. Pregnancy doesn’t seem to be terribly conducive to productivity, and it certainly isn’t conducive to food blogging. I just feel so tired all the time. I’ve had zero energy and cooking has lost some of it’s appeal. Honestly, for awhile there, I didn’t want to eat anything… Read More »

Friday Favorites: April 11, 2014

friday favorites |

Spring has arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. This season is, without question, my absolute favorite. Everything is new again. Everything is green, alive, and so darn beautiful. I find myself spending all of my free time outdoors, soaking in the sunshine and breathing in the spring air. With that said, I thought it only appropriate that I write a… Read More »

Roast Chicken Salad with Tarragon and Apricots

Tarragon and Apricot Chicken Salad | Rosemarried

This recipe starts with Martha Stewart’s roast chicken. I suppose there are other ways you could go about cooking the chicken, but I adore Martha’s recipe. It is simple and classic and it results in perfectly cooked chicken, every single time. (A quick note about Martha’s chicken recipe. She says to cook the chicken to 180-190 °F. However, the FDA… Read More »

Moroccan Spiced Carrots with Feta and Mint

Morrocan Spiced Carrots with Feta and Mint | Rosemarried

You know what? Life is good. Life is really good. As much as I’d like to complain, I really can’t. My cup runneth over. My freelance career is going splendidly. My husband is the best. I have an incredible network of family and friends to lean on. I have the cutest pets on the planet. Oh, and I live in… Read More »