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Welcoming Fall (with The Best Zucchini Bread Ever)

And just like that, autumn has arrived.

I want to fight it! I want to kick and scream and go on strike until the sun comes back out. I want more red tomatoes in the garden (and less rock hard green ones). I desperately want an Indian summer. But, that’s the funny thing about life…you don’t always get what you want.

Despite my protests, the rains have come. The days are getting shorter and darker. Whether I like it or not, the season is changing. And to be honest, I wasn’t having it. I was downright grumpy about the changing of the seasons. I was so fixated on the lack of sunshine that I almost forgot all that I love about fall: chunky sweaters, tights, scarves, all things pumpkin, cappuccinos, soups & stews, apples, pears, and so much more.

So, then, I can’t change the weather. But I can certainly make the best of it. On one particularly drizzly and chilly morning this week, I woke up and decided to do just that. I made my all-time favorite zucchini bread recipe, made a large French press of coffee (all for myself) and snuggled up with a blanket, my cat, and a Harry Potter book.

It was perfect.

It didn’t matter how miserable it was outside, I was happy and cozy and content. If there was ever a day to curl up with a good book (and cat, and coffee, and zucchini bread), this was it.

I won’t lie: I still miss the sun. But I’ll do my best to embrace this season; to curl up with a good book (and baked goods!) as often as I can.

As for the zucchini bread? There’s no point in rewriting the recipe. Heidi (from 101 Cookbooks) nails it. However, I’ll make a couple notes. First off, I don’t like walnuts and so I always make this bread with slivered almonds. Secondly, while Heidi says that the poppy seeds are optional, I disagree. The poppy seeds are totally and completely necessary (and delicious!). I also like to add in a bit of ground ginger and nutmeg and I substitute a cup of white flour for one of the cups of wheat flour. Oh, and lastly – don’t be afraid of the curry powder! I really think the curry powder is the secret of this magical zucchini bread. I promise you, it is the best zucchini bread of all time.